So the newest rumour floating around is that Nokia is in talks with Microsoft in order to adopt Windows Phone 7. Eldar Murtazin may be a well connected and mostly credible source. However, in this case, I think he is wrong and I don`t think that Nokia will introduce a Windows Phone 7 handset in the (near) future. In this regards, I am way more in line with Tomi Ahonen. But we can be wrong, so let`s have a look and see what said alliance could bring to the mobile landscape. Continue Reading »


Recently, there was speculation that Samsung would concentrate more on Windows Phone 7 in 2011, which will allegedly result in a 2:1 ratio between Windows Phone 7 and Android. As we don`t know whether this is true or only limited to a certain market, I think there is some truth to it. Continue Reading »

Fog Computing

Looking at the mobile industry in mid 2010 could be a very fascinating experience. The world is buzzing over the newest iPhone, Smartphones are everywhere, there is even now talk about “Super Phones”. But it isn`t. At least for some. For those interested not in the current state, but the future, I will share with you my vision of what I think will happen in the mobile landscape in the coming years.

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They say the darkest part of the night is right before the dawn of a new day. I think this is very true for Nokia today. Let me explain why I don`t think that Nokia is doomed.
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They say that letting go is the hardest part in a relationship. When I recently replaced my Palm Pre with a Nokia N97 mini, I realized that this is very true. Continue Reading »

Apple vs. Nokia part II

Almost exactly two years ago, I attended my first Mobile Monday in Munich. One of the first things that struck me at the event was the ubiquitousness of Nokia phones. Nearly everybody was sporting either a Nokia E61 or Nokia N95 8GB. Two years later, the conversion to the iPhone is almost 100 percent done. Why? Continue Reading »

In 2004, Nokia introduced the first three NSeries phones: the N70, the N71 and the N93. History now tells us that it was the N70 that turned into a bestseller and brought the NSeries spirit to the masses. However, after the introduction of the N90, the mobile landscape wasn`t the same. Continue Reading »