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Recently, there was speculation that Samsung would concentrate more on Windows Phone 7 in 2011, which will allegedly result in a 2:1 ratio between Windows Phone 7 and Android. As we don`t know whether this is true or only limited to a certain market, I think there is some truth to it. (more…)


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In the last couple of months, news in the mobile industry were clearly dominated by the iPhone and the rise of so called “smartphones”. These two topics were and still are so ubiquitous that other news are widely ignored not only by the media, but also by a large part of the mobile industry itself. I don`t want to underestimate the importance of smartphones or the iPhone in general. However, I think there is more to the mobile landscape than these two topics. Feature Phones for example. There are some great things to report in the field of these so-called “dumb phones” that are worth more than a look, especially since feature phones are still by a large margin the absolute dominant species of phones sold on this little planet. (more…)

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I seldom comment on daily news. There are countless blogs out there that do a very good job at this. But when a news is of so great importance, I can`t resist to add my 2c.

The latest announcement of Nokia is such news. Nokia has recently revealed three new phones, each one very interesting looking, but one particularely stands out: the Nokia 6303 classic. Although it is the 6700 that is positioned as a replacement for the very popular and extremely successful Nokia 6300, I wouldn`t be much surprised if the 6303 unfolds as the real successor. (more…)

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