Some time ago, I met with a very good old friend. He just got his new E66 the other day. My friend works as head of purchasing in the textile industry and therefore travels quite a lot, mostly to Asia (China). Even so, he is the typical normob. He only uses his phone for making calls and only sparcely for texting. No mobile Web-browsing, no mobile E-Mail, no Web 2.0. He once used the media player in his phone to listen to audiobooks, but not anymore (he now uses an iPod nano for this purpose). Guess what phone he had for quite some time and absolutely loved? Right, a Razr…. Normally, this would result in a “N`nough said” attitude of mine, but as I said, he is an old friend. Continue Reading »


As we are approaching the final quarter of 2009, it is time for a first look back. In my opinion, the mobile year 2009 was clearly dominated by the “iPhone vs. The Rest of the World discussion”. No matter where you looked, the iPhone was everyhwere. In contrast, Nokia was receiving some hard beating. However, I think that the whole discussion was and still is way too much narrowed down to the iPhone. I wrote the following comment to a blog entry over at mobileindustryreview. It quite well reflects my thoughts about the whole iPhone discussion, at least how it is happening in the fall of 2009. So here we go: Continue Reading »

The smart alternative

In the last couple of months, news in the mobile industry were clearly dominated by the iPhone and the rise of so called “smartphones”. These two topics were and still are so ubiquitous that other news are widely ignored not only by the media, but also by a large part of the mobile industry itself. I don`t want to underestimate the importance of smartphones or the iPhone in general. However, I think there is more to the mobile landscape than these two topics. Feature Phones for example. There are some great things to report in the field of these so-called “dumb phones” that are worth more than a look, especially since feature phones are still by a large margin the absolute dominant species of phones sold on this little planet. Continue Reading »

Normalerweise sind meine Postings ja in Englisch, bei einem deutschsprachigen Buch macht das aber wohl wenig Sinn. Hier ist also meine Buchbesprechung zu “Brand`s New Toys” von Küllenberg und Quente: Continue Reading »

Samsung S5320

The Samsung S5230

I was rather unimpressed by the LG KP500 “Cookie”. So I didn`t have any high hopes when I got the Samsung S5230. I thought it would be just another inexpensive touchscreen phone. Boy I was wrong, very wrong. The S5230 turned out to be one of the very best and most definitely most surprising phones I have used recently. Continue Reading »

Nokia 5800

The Nokia 5800. A shiny device.

The 5800 ExpressMusic is not the first Nokia phone with a touchscreen. This honor belongs to the not very well received 7710. However, being a vivid Symbian OS user since the glory days of the 3650, I was of course very curious to find out how the latest incarnation of the OS would look and feel like. Continue Reading »

Not long ago, I wrote that I don`t like phones with touchscreens very much. Well, this is still true to some degree. But after removing the dust of my iPhone (which it had collected in the last 11 months since I last used it) and updating it to the newest firmware version and using it as my primary phone for the last 3 weeks, I have considerably changed my mind. In fact, I have even ditched my E71 in favour of the iPhone. Now let me explain why.
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