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Almost exactly two years ago, I attended my first Mobile Monday in Munich. One of the first things that struck me at the event was the ubiquitousness of Nokia phones. Nearly everybody was sporting either a Nokia E61 or Nokia N95 8GB. Two years later, the conversion to the iPhone is almost 100 percent done. Why? (more…)


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Some time ago, I met with a very good old friend. He just got his new E66 the other day. My friend works as head of purchasing in the textile industry and therefore travels quite a lot, mostly to Asia (China). Even so, he is the typical normob. He only uses his phone for making calls and only sparcely for texting. No mobile Web-browsing, no mobile E-Mail, no Web 2.0. He once used the media player in his phone to listen to audiobooks, but not anymore (he now uses an iPod nano for this purpose). Guess what phone he had for quite some time and absolutely loved? Right, a Razr…. Normally, this would result in a “N`nough said” attitude of mine, but as I said, he is an old friend. (more…)

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